I’dECO General Meeting – 17 February 2016

17 February 2016

I’dECO General Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 17 February 2016
  • Time: 8pm – 9pm
  • Venue: Saga Dining Hall Anteroom
  • Chairs: Kimberly Hoong, Jeffrey Tong
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Heng


S/N Item Timing
1 Project Updates 2000 – 2010
2 Movies and Outings for Recess Week! 2010 – 2020
3 Cluster Development, New Project Ideas 2020 – 2030
4 SSN Updates 2030 – 2045
5 Increasing presence on campus 2045 – 2100

Project updates:

  • Sustainable Events: Zoe from the DoS office is keen on implementing the sustainability checklist in the DoS office, and will work with the sustainable events team to make this change.
  • Urban Farming: The urban farmers hosted professors and students from Raffles Hall on Wednesday night — we visited their farm a few weeks back, and they came to look at ours. We also finished painting our urban farming banner which will be up soon!
  • Environmental Education: Reminder that the Chilli Padi Academy workshops will be held on the Yale-NUS campus next week, from 23-28 February. I’dECO members are welcome to sit on the sessions focused on leadership training, as well as to the following events: (1)Visit to Jurong Skygarden aka Mdm Kamisah’s farm, 27 Feb (Sat), 7-10am; (2) Lunch session and presentations by participants on their projects, 28 Feb (Sun), 11-12pm. Jeffrey will send out more details next week.
  • Publicity: The Earth Hour concert lineup and budget have been finalized; publicity for the event will begin soon. Also, NTU Earthlink is hosting a workshop on the morning of 19 March (Sat) to train participants in environmental outreach. Participants will then spend the afternoon going around Jurong Spring to spread environmental awareness to residents. If you’re interested, let Ying Tong know.
  • Sustainability Blueprint: Writing will be ramped up over recess week.
  • Experiential Learning: The experiential learning team has been disbanded. This is to allow members to start their own projects under the experiential cluster.

The picnic planned for this Saturday has been cancelled due to many school events that clash. Instead, we’ll be having the picnic (for I’dECO members) and a movie screening (open to the whole school) next Wednesday, 24 February. Jerald will be sending out more details soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

As for cluster updates — the Research cluster will be meeting next Monday, while the Experiential and Education clusters will meet after recess week. I’dECO is also looking to embark on a mix of long- and short-term projects, so members with any projects they wish to start can let their cluster leaders know!

With regards to the Sustainable Solutions Network (SSN), most of the committees’ work will be done over Recess Week. More research will be done to determine potential barriers to communication within environmental organizations in Singapore apart from communication, which the SSN website hopes to alleviate. Weiliang is also interested in writing a short report on the social innovation aspect of the SSN, so let him know if you’re interested to work with him on this!

We also discussed ways to increase I’dECO’s presence on campus. Suggestions were raised to publicize sustainable events’ efforts to make college offices more environmentally friendly, as well as to build more urban farms around campus and potentially even look at raising fish/non-plants. Any further suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, EYW is coming up and we’re looking to run an activity! If any freshmen are interested, please let any exco member know — we’re hoping the freshmen can step up to lead this project. Potential activity ideas include a terrarium building workshop or an urban farming workshop.

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