I’dECO General Meeting – 16 March 2016

I’dECO General Meeting


Date: Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Time: 9pm – 10pm

Venue: Cendana Student Commons

Chairs: Tan Weiliang

Secretary: Elizabeth Heng




S/N Item Timing
1 Project Updates 2100 – 2115
2 Earth Hour 2115 – 2125
2 Orientation 2016: Service Day 2125 – 2130
3 SSN Updates 2130 – 2140
4 SSN Work (break into smaller groups) 2140 – 2200
  • Dining Hall (kind of): Yingchen has been trying to get the cooked food rescue program with The Food Bank Singapore going and has been in contact with representatives from the Food Bank, SATS and DoS office.
  • Urban farming: The urban farmers began overhauling the farm this morning, changing the soildrilling more holes into the bottom of the planter boxes for better drainage and changing the soil. We’re also painting them with fresh coats of paint to inject some life into our farm!
  • Environmental education: The team is currently developing the curriculum for a workshop they are organizing. The workshop will target junior college and polytechnic students and will be held from 31 May to 2 June.
  • Earth Hour: The Earth Hour concert that I’dECO has co-organized with NUS SAVE is happening tomorrow, 17 March (Thurs) at the UTown Foyer (outside NTUC Fairprice) from 8 – 9.30pm. Turn your lights off and join us at the concert, featuring performances by our very own CLSMTS and Joan Ongchoco, and many other talented acts from around UTown. There will be free ice cream, an aerial kite display, good music and chill vibes~~
  • Orientation 2016 Service Day: Service Day, when different social organizations in school take charge of DF groups for a day and organize events for them, will take place on the last weekend of Orientation (Sat, 6 August). The proposal for this is due next Friday, 25 March, and needs to include details on what we plan to do and the budget for our proposed activities. If you would like to help write the proposal and/or facilitate the actual event, let Weiliang know.
  • SSN updates: The Performance Hall has been booked. The list of organizations to invite is nearly finalized. Keith has designed an SSN logo that he will refine based on suggestions raised at the meeting, and the new logo options will be up on the I’dECO facebook page soon for voting!
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