I’dECO General Meeting – 30 March 2016

I’dECO General Meeting


Date: Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Time: 9pm – 10pm

Venue: Cendana Student Commons

Chairs: Tan Weiliang

Secretary: Elizabeth Heng




S/N Item Timing
1 Project Updates 2100 – 2115
2 Break into workgroups:

SSN Website (Jeffrey, Keith, Nicholas, Jerald)

Earth Hour Movie Screening (Ying Tong)

SSN Description Writing (Weiliang, Yingchen, Swarnima)

Orientation Service Day Proposal (Kim, Xiaoyun, Gemma)

SSN Sending of Emails and timeline of meetings (Eliz, Xin Run)

2115 – 2200
  • Urban Farming: The urban farmers continued painting and drilling the planter boxes. We’ll hopefully be done next week!
  • Sustainable Events: Andrew from the DoS office is very keen on integrating the sustainability checklist into how funding is allocated to student organizations. The DoS will be responsible for carrying out this change (not I’dECO), which will be in effect from next semester onwards. Also, Jamie will be in charge of working with the DoS office next semester to make their office more sustainable.
  • Earth Film Festival: Keep your eyes peeled for the Earth Film Festival movie screening, which will take place sometime in the week of 22 April, aka Earth Week. The date, time and location of the screening have yet to be decided.
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