I’dECO Weekly Update – 5 September 2016

This week all three clusters had meetings discussing projects and plans for the semester. Here is a brief overview of the projects and their objectives:

  1. Research Cluster-
  • Blueprint: This project is set to wrap up the writing of the Blueprint with final edits and additions. Upon completion of the final draft, members will engage with and gather feedback from the school, and implement changes within the school administration and departments.
  • Sustainability Consultancy- This is a new project which will speak to industry insiders about the best practices in environmental consultancy, and develop a mode to specifically advise YNC’s macro-policies.
  1. Education Cluster-
  • Chili Padi Academy: slated for Feb’17. The main objective of this project is to empower participants to propose projects that tackle the intersection of social and environmental concerns. An important feature of the program is sustained mentorship over a period of 3 months.
  • SEAL: slated for Dec’16. The aim of this project is to promote a systemic approach of looking at environmental problems in Singapore, which will prepare participants to advocate for system-wide policy recommendations.
  • mini-SEAL (TBC): A proposed curriculum that dilutes the SEAL’s curriculum, currently targeted at JC/Poly level, for secondary school.
  • I’dECO Workshop on Environmental Theory and Discourse: This projects aims to get people to think about how environmentalism intersects with social justice issues and building coalitions for 21st century activism.
  1. Experiential Cluster-
  • Experiential Learning: This project aims to engage the rest of the Yale-NUS community with natural areas in Singapore, to foster an appreciation and sense of importance for nature.
  • Urban Farming: A major focus of this project will be engaging the rest of the Yale-NUS community. Urban Farming will invite people from the rest of the Yale-NUS community once the state of the farm improves.


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