About I’dECO


Who are we?

We are a team of Yale-NUS students with varied environmental interests. Some are passionate about urban farming and environmental outreach, while others want to integrate environmental concerns at all levels of school policy and practice. Regardless, we explore our passions and develop our ideas into full-scale projects that benefit the school community and beyond.

What does I’dECO do?

We explore sustainability from many angles, since our members have a multitude of ideas. Our activism efforts may be broadly categorised into three clusters: Research, Education and Experiential. Our projects range from experiential learning where we visit Ground Up Initiative and Bukit Brown, to environmental education where we conduct workshops for high school students to a sustainability blueprint where we recommend policy changes for sustainability based on the best practices in other academic institutions.

Our Vision

To make Yale-NUS a model of sustainable living and to be a model for environmental activism.

Our Mission

To nurture future leaders that can engage in environmental activism critically and creatively.

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