I’dECO General Meeting – 17 February 2016

17 February 2016

I’dECO General Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 17 February 2016
  • Time: 8pm – 9pm
  • Venue: Saga Dining Hall Anteroom
  • Chairs: Kimberly Hoong, Jeffrey Tong
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Heng


S/N Item Timing
1 Project Updates 2000 – 2010
2 Movies and Outings for Recess Week! 2010 – 2020
3 Cluster Development, New Project Ideas 2020 – 2030
4 SSN Updates 2030 – 2045
5 Increasing presence on campus 2045 – 2100

Project updates:

  • Sustainable Events: Zoe from the DoS office is keen on implementing the sustainability checklist in the DoS office, and will work with the sustainable events team to make this change.
  • Urban Farming: The urban farmers hosted professors and students from Raffles Hall on Wednesday night — we visited their farm a few weeks back, and they came to look at ours. We also finished painting our urban farming banner which will be up soon!
  • Environmental Education: Reminder that the Chilli Padi Academy workshops will be held on the Yale-NUS campus next week, from 23-28 February. I’dECO members are welcome to sit on the sessions focused on leadership training, as well as to the following events: (1)Visit to Jurong Skygarden aka Mdm Kamisah’s farm, 27 Feb (Sat), 7-10am; (2) Lunch session and presentations by participants on their projects, 28 Feb (Sun), 11-12pm. Jeffrey will send out more details next week.
  • Publicity: The Earth Hour concert lineup and budget have been finalized; publicity for the event will begin soon. Also, NTU Earthlink is hosting a workshop on the morning of 19 March (Sat) to train participants in environmental outreach. Participants will then spend the afternoon going around Jurong Spring to spread environmental awareness to residents. If you’re interested, let Ying Tong know.
  • Sustainability Blueprint: Writing will be ramped up over recess week.
  • Experiential Learning: The experiential learning team has been disbanded. This is to allow members to start their own projects under the experiential cluster.

The picnic planned for this Saturday has been cancelled due to many school events that clash. Instead, we’ll be having the picnic (for I’dECO members) and a movie screening (open to the whole school) next Wednesday, 24 February. Jerald will be sending out more details soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

As for cluster updates — the Research cluster will be meeting next Monday, while the Experiential and Education clusters will meet after recess week. I’dECO is also looking to embark on a mix of long- and short-term projects, so members with any projects they wish to start can let their cluster leaders know!

With regards to the Sustainable Solutions Network (SSN), most of the committees’ work will be done over Recess Week. More research will be done to determine potential barriers to communication within environmental organizations in Singapore apart from communication, which the SSN website hopes to alleviate. Weiliang is also interested in writing a short report on the social innovation aspect of the SSN, so let him know if you’re interested to work with him on this!

We also discussed ways to increase I’dECO’s presence on campus. Suggestions were raised to publicize sustainable events’ efforts to make college offices more environmentally friendly, as well as to build more urban farms around campus and potentially even look at raising fish/non-plants. Any further suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, EYW is coming up and we’re looking to run an activity! If any freshmen are interested, please let any exco member know — we’re hoping the freshmen can step up to lead this project. Potential activity ideas include a terrarium building workshop or an urban farming workshop.

I’dECO General Meeting – 10 February 2016

10 February 2016

I’dECO General Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 10 February 2016
  • Time: 9pm – 10pm
  • Venue: Elm Buttery
  • Chairs: Tan Weiliang
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Heng


S/N Item Timing
1 Proposed Reorganisation of I’dECO 2100 – 2125
2 Project Updates 2125 – 2140
3 Proposed timeline for SSN 2140 – 2150
4 SSN: Discussion of Key Pointers (to skip if insufficient time)

  • Membership Fee?
  • Outreach Team: split by NGOs, Corporate (under sponsorship management)
2150 – 2200

Proposed reorganization of I’dECO: Weiliang’s proposal to sort the seven projects into three clusters was agreed upon by everyone present at the meeting. The projects will be grouped into the following clusters: Research (Sustainability Blueprint, Sustainable Events & Dining Hall),Experiential (Urban Farming & Experiential Learning) and Education (Environmental Education & Publicity and Public Education). This restructuring will be effective immediately, except for the Education cluster which will only be in place proper after the Chilli Padi Academy workshops run by the current Environmental Education group finish (i.e. after recess week). Cluster meetings will be held monthly to enable more interaction. Most importantly, the re-organization is to allow more room for members to start their own projects, whether long- or short-term.

Project updates:

  • ​Sustainable Events: Chris O’Connell (Dos Office) will speak to the DoS staff about implementing the sustainable checklist in their office.
  • Urban Farming: The ‘No Dairy’ food challenge began on Wednesday and runs for a week — all I’dECO members are welcome to join us! We’ve also bought new items for the farm, including a chalkboard on which we wrote what we grew and harvested on Wednesday morning; this board can be found in the Cendana student commons overlooking the farm. Banner painting for the farm will happen next Tuesday evening.
  • Welfare: Jerald sent out an email earlier today with the results of the welfare survey. Two events have been confirmed: (1) Informal lunch @ Saga Dining Hall, 17 Feb (Wed), 12pm; (2) Casual picnic @ Utown Green, 20 Feb (Sat), 12pm. Come join us and meet new and old friends from I’dECO!
  • Environmental Education: The Chilli Padi Academy workshops will be held on the Yale-NUS campus from 23-28 February. I’dECO members are welcome to sit on the sessions focused on leadership training, as well as to the following events: (1) Visit to Jurong Skygarden aka Mdm Kamisah’s farm, 27 Feb (Sat), 7-10am; (2) Lunch session and presentations by participants on their projects, 28 Feb (Sun), 11-12pm.
  • Earth Hour: Still in the planning stages; aiming to increase publicity of the concert within Yale-NUS.
  • Sustainability Blueprint: Writing sessions will resume this weekend. Most of the writing will be done during recess week.

We also ran through the timeline for the Sustainable Solutions Network. The full timeline can be found in the SSN proposal, but I’ve also attached it here for everyone’s convenience. We also briefly discussed having a membership fee for the SSN to hold participants accountable to showing up, but agreed that having them pay a refundable deposit would be a better idea. Discussions on this have been tabled until we know more about the financial support the college

I’dECO Exco Meeting – 3 February 2016

3 February 2016

I’dECO Exco Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 3 February 2016
  • Time: 9pm – 10pm
  • Venue: Elm Buttery
  • Chairs: Tan Weiliang
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Heng


S/N Item Timing
1 Project Updates 2100 – 2120
2 EYW Event 2120 – 2125
3 SSN: Discussion of Key Pointers

  • Membership Fee?
  • Outreach Team: split by NGOs, Corporate (under sponsorship management)
2125 – 2140
4 Sustainability Advisory Council 2140 – 2150
5 Proposed reorganisation of several project groups at the end of this sem 2150 – 2200

Project updates:

  • ​Sustainable Events: Currently working on making the Saga College Office and Writers’ Centre greener.
  • Urban Farming: Decorations for the farm will be put up soon. An NUS professor who runs a farm over at Raffles Hall will be visiting our urban farm soon as well.
  • Environmental Education: Currently preparing workshop materials.
  • Experiential Learning: Will submit the proposal for World Water Day to PUB before Chinese New Year. Potential collaboration with NUS SAVE about World Water Day. Rector McAdoo has also raised the possibility of working with the team to incorporate experiential learning in Tioman in next year’s orientation program.
  • Sustainability Blueprint: The team is busy working on this!

We had a discussion on the current state of I’dECO, with regards to how members of individual projects may not feel like part of the larger I’dECO and may not feel bonded with members from other projects. Concerns were raised that the freshmen members in particular may feel less bonded and feel restricted to the current projects, not knowing that there is room for them to suggest and run their own projects. We also talked about how the school community views our club, and how we can do more to educate the school community about being greener in ways that engage them.

Weiliang proposed a restructuring of the organization of project groups at the end of the semester in response to these concerns. He proposed a restructuring into three clusters:research (under which the sustainability blueprint and dining hall teams will be subsumed),experiential (urban farming, experiential learning) and education (environmental education and publicity and public education). The broader clusters will allow members to feel less bound to a certain project and will present a strong, clear narrative of what I’dECO’s focus is. This proposed restructuring will be raised again at next week’s General Meeting to hear more members’ views.

Next, there’s an open call for interested members to run an EYW event to showcase what I’dECO is doing! If you’re keen, do let Weiliang know.

We also discussed the scope and members of the proposed Sustainability Advisory Committee. The main aim of the SAC is to be a dedicated sustainability council that ensures sustainability is prioritized in the college. They will follow up on the SSN and sustainability blueprint, produce annual progress reports and set clear environmental goals for the college. The SAC will include faculty members, dean’s fellows, staff from Dos/CIPE and students. We agreed that student positions on the SAC should not be open only to I’dECO members, but to all interested students in the college.

Finally, Keith has been working on I’dECO’s website which you can see here! Project leaders, send Keith a blurb and updated description of your project if necessary, and upload any photos/media you may have in the google drive. Let Keith know what you guys want for your individual projects on the site!

I’dECO General Meeting – 27 January 2016

27 January 2016

I’dECO General Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 27 January 2016
  • Time: 9pm – 10pm
  • Venue: Elm Buttery
  • Chairs: Tan Weiliang
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Heng


S/N Item Timing
1 SSN Overall Updates (Weiliang, Jeff, Kim) 2100 – 2110
2 SSN Updates from each working group (SSN leaders) 2110 – 2130
3 Publicity across the different projects (Weiliang, Keith, Ying Tong) 2130 – 2140
4 Project plans for this semester (Project leaders) 2140 – 2200

The past week has been busy with planning for the Joint University Environmental Conference, which took place in last Friday and saw representatives from university environmental clubs, government agencies and NGOs come together to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. If you’re interested in what went down or what concrete actions were decided on, the full minutes from the event can be found here. Some of the collaborative efforts I’dECO will take part in include sharing our sustainability blueprint with environmental clubs from other universities and hosting movie screenings for the Earth Film Festival this year.

Now for a summary of last week’s general meeting:

  • Urban Farming: The urban farmers will soon be decorating our farm and announcing it to the school! There are many other projects still being conceptualized, such as plant sales and worm composting. The idea of a UTown urban farming alliance was raised, where on-campus farmers can exchange seeds and knowledge on tending to the farm.
  • Experiential Learning: Projects in store include water awareness month in collaboration with PUB, a 5km water run, a trek to Tioman and a visit to Chek Jawa.
  • Environmental Education: The team are currently working on the enviro accelerator program for high school students in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia; this will include enviro literacy and leadership training.
  • Dining Hall: The dining hall team has folded. A summary of the dining hall report will be in the sustainability blueprint. Yingchen is exploring a cooked food rescue program/ Food Bank will collect our dining hall’s pre-consumed food waste.
  • Publicity and Public Education: The team is organizing this year’s Earth Hour concert in collaboration with NUS SAVE: it will be held on 17 March at UTown, from 8 – 9.30pm. / Publicity for project teams apart from experiential learning and urban farming needs to be boosted this semester. Keith will work with project leaders to broadcast the more administrative/behind-the-scenes projects such as sustainable events and the sustainability blueprint.
  • Sustainable Events: The team will be meeting representatives from NUS to learn about their sustainability model and how to institutionalize the sustainable events checklist into the planning process.
  • Sustainability Blueprint: The team has been taking morning and afternoon shifts to write the blueprint. Publicity for the blueprint has not been great; Kim has suggested open writing sessions where members of the school community can drop in and give comments.
  • Sustainability Solutions Network (SSN): Tentatively happening on 20 August 2016. The core team has finalized the proposal and will be meeting senior members of the administration next week. A full list of updates from the leaders of each working group can be found in the minutes.

I’dECO Exco Meeting – 20 January 2016

20 January 2016

I’dECO Exco Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 20 January 2016
  • Time: 9pm – 10.20pm
  • Venue: Elm Buttery
  • Chairs: Tan Weiliang
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Heng


S/N Item Timing
1 Finalisation of SSN Proposal (Weiliang, Kim, Jeff) 2100 – 2140
2 Project Updates and Plans for this semester (Project leaders) 2140 – 2210
3 Welfare Events (Jerald) 2210 – 2220

We had a lengthy discussion on the purpose of the SSN – if you’re interested in this, I really encourage you to read the minutes. We have also decided to postpone the SSN from May to August, tentatively to 20 August 2016 (Saturday), the end of our first week back at school. This will allow us more time to plan and prepare for the conference to ensure its success.

Here are some upcoming events you may be interested in attending:

  • Joint University Environmental Conference – hosted by us! This is happening next Friday, 29 January at the Kewalram Chanrai room from 6.15-9pm. It’ll see exco members from other universities’ environmental clubs and representatives from NGOs and government agencies come together to discuss collaboration opportunities. I’dECO members(especially project leaders) are encouraged to come learn about potential collabs and see what conversations between university environmental club leaders are like.
  • Leadership Retreat – Happening this Saturday, 23 January. Meet at the Oculus at 9.30am; Weiliang and Kim are going.
  • Singapore Nature Society event – Also happening this Saturday, 23 January at the Singapore Botanic Gardens at 9am. It’ll be a fun way to interact with other environmentalists! Nicholas is going for this (alone :c), so if you want to join him please let him know!

Jerald has come up with many fun ideas for club welfare, including an I’dECO-wide picnic, angel/mortal (this will happen next semester), and fortnightly club lunches where we talk about things other than I’dECO (or about I’dECO, if you wish)! The first of these lunches will take place in the dining hall next Wednesday at 12pm; more information will be sent out by Jerald before then.

I’dECO General Meeting – 14 January 2016

14 January 2016

I’dECO General Meeting

  • Date: Thursday, 14 January 2016
  • Time: 9pm – 10pm
  • Venue: Cendana Buttery
  • Chair: Tan Weiliang
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Heng


S/N Item Timing
1 Joint University Environmental Conference @Yale-NUS

  • Details and invitation
2100 – 2115
2 SSN: Sharing of Entire Concept 2115 – 2130
3 SSN: Selection of Roles 2130 – 2145
4 I’dECO Calendar of Events for this sem 2145 – 2200

I’dECO members present at the meeting were split into 5 organizing committees for the SSN (bolded names are committee directors):

  • Programme Design: Jeffrey, Francesca, possibly Willie
  • Sponsorship Management: Kim, Swarnima, Christina, Scott
  • Secretary and Outreach: Eliz, Xiaoyun, Xin Run
  • Design and Publicity: Keith, Ying Tong, Nicholas, Joshua, Jerald
  • Logistics: Yingchen, Tiara, Wei Han, Darrel

Your individual committee directors will contact you directly about individual committee meetings etc. if any.

The Joint University Environmental Conference will be taking place on 29 January 2016, Friday.Catered dinner for invited guests (exco members from other universities’ environmental clubs, NGO and statutory board representatives) will begin at 6.15pm, but I’dECO members are asked to grab food from the dining halls before networking with our guests. The conference will take place proper from 7-9pm at the Kewalram Chanrai Room. The conference will be spent discussing collaboration opportunities with the guests – I’dECO members are encouraged to come and hear more about potential collabs! Do let Weiliang, Kim or Jeffrey know if you plan to attend.

There is also a leadership retreat organized by the DOS on 23 January, Saturday. Weiliang and Kim will be attending; let them know if you want to go along.